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What is really happening in Kenosha?

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Thank you GoGedders Podcast for the opportunity to have open and transparent roundtable discussions on hard topics happening in our community. Listen in on the full conversation with this group and our Executive Director Nicole Thomsen-Coughlin and Community Engagement Chair / Kenosha Pastor Roy Peeples.

Also – big shout-out to the team for re-featuring what is being reported to us as one of their top-podcasts of the week! Listen to the podcast reply via OnMilwaukee here:

We are praying for unity and healing for all. We are full of HOPE! ☮️

‎The GoGedders Podcast: What’s really happening in Kenosha? We speak to 3 local residents and community leaders: Justin “Tiger” Whitehead, Nicole Thompsen and Pastor Roy Peeples on Apple Podcasts

‎Looking past everything we’ve all seen and read in the news, Richie talks to three residents and community leaders of Kenosha about what really happened there, the reactions of the local community and what they’re doing to rebuild Kenosha.We’re joined…