Uniting. Fostering. Transforming.

Connected to the community by caring for others.

1HOPE serves as a neutral, faith-based convener to engage the Churches of Kenosha in restoring hope and transforming lives through foster care and neighborhood transformation – initiatives that rebuild, restore and renew individuals and their communities.


In 2020, the average daily number of children in foster care in Kenosha County is 201.

Foster Family Support Network

Through our Foster Family Support Network, we help foster families meet their day-to-day needs as they open their hearts and homes to some of the most vulnerable children in our city. FFSN support helps reduce the stress foster families face, while providing a better experience and outcome for the foster child placed in their care.

These positive experiences not only increase the number of foster homes that re-license, but also increase the number of new homes licensed. New families are aware that if they become a foster home in Kenosha County, the FFSN will be there to support them.

Through our Foster Family Support Network, we are currently…

  • Contracted with Kenosha County Division of Children & Family Services
  • Partnered with 4 Churches
  • Providing 97 active service volunteers
  • Serving 45 foster families; 84 foster children; and 244 household members


Neighborhood Advocates

Through our Neighborhood Transformation initiative, we mobilize Neighborhood Advocates – boots-on-the-ground team members who partner with other nonprofit agencies to help meet the spiritual, relational, and economic needs of our neighbors in the Uptown community. By walking alongside our neighbors, we build the relationships required to restore hope and transform lives.

What is a Neighborhood Advocate?

A Neighborhood Advocate is an individual with the passion, skills and talent to build relationships, mobilize support, and advance our vision. Neighborhood Advocates utilize these strengths to learn about the shared dreams, desires and challenges of their neighbors.

Together, we have…

  • Raised over $76,000 through the 1HOPE Uptown Recovery Fund during the civil unrest
  • Supported 14 Uptown businesses directly impacted by the civil unrest – all funds raised distributed in under 6 months
  • Partnered with 4  community outreach events
  • Mobilized Neighborhood Advocates impacting community needs and building relationships

Together, we can…

  • Reach more neighbors by growing our team of Neighborhood Advocates
  • Provide practical support to our neighbors facing tangible needs
  • Discover new opportunities for the Church to work alongside the community
  • Launch the start-up of a new sustainable “small business” enterprise that will positively contribute to our bottom line – economically, spiritually, and relationally, while increasing our financial resources to expand our mission

The thing that will transform our city most is getting back into  the neighborhoods. through 1HOPE’s unifying model, they will help to bring greater impact to our community.

– Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian

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